Below you’ll find answers to questions commonly asked by our conferees.

What about special health-related arrangements?

Special needs of those who are hearing-, visually-, or otherwise physically-challenged, or who may have other health-related conditions warranting special attention should-prior to arrival at Williams-be communicated to their respective Conference Directors, who will, in turn, make arrangements through our Conferences Team to accommodate those needs.  For those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, please notify Dining Services using this link.

What should I wear?

Most conferences are very informal. But remember … New England weather is unpredictable. Be sure to bring a sweater and rain gear as well as typical summer wear. You will probably be walking quite a bit. The campus is spread out and somewhat hilly. Bring comfortable walking shoes!

What kinds of electronic equipment can I bring to use in my room?

Conferees may use clocks, sound equipment, computers, hair dryers/curling irons, electric shavers, electric fans, electric blankets, microwave ovens of 800 watts or less, refrigerators of 5 cubic feet or less, and cool mist humidifiers.

Items which the College strictly prohibits include, but are not limited to: coffee makers, crock pots, hot pots, electric fry pans, toasters/toaster ovens, broilers, electric or gas stoves, air conditioners, electric heaters, cup warmers, deep fryers, bread makers, beer coolers, kegolators, hot plates, electric woks, hamburger and sandwich makers, rice cookers, popcorn poppers (other than hot air), anything with a heating coil, lamps with halogen bulbs greater than 60 watts, candles, incense, and all other open flame devices.

What’s my address while I’m on campus?

All mail sent to you must be addressed as follows:

Your Name
Name of Conference You Are Attending
39 Chapin Hall Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267

What kind of security is provided on campus?

Williams’ Security Department (413/597-4444) is located in Hopkins Hall. Someone is always on duty in case of an emergency.

Where is the lost and found located?

Unclaimed articles found by Williams personnel are stored at the Conference Front Desk in Paresky Center. If an item is lost or left behind, you can contact us at (413) 597-2591.

May I bring a guest?

Please communicate with your respective Conference Directors who will determine if space is available and inform you of cost associated with your stay.  The Conference Director will, in turn, make arrangements through our Conferences Team to accommodate their needs.

Where can I send/receive a fax?

The UPS Store in the Colonial Shopping Center at 228 Main Street in Williamstown (413-458-8033) has a fax available for public use. The Conference Front Desk’s fax is NOT available for general use by conference participants.

Where can I UPS or FedEx a package?

There is a FedEx drop box on Spring Street. The UPS Store is located about a mile east of Campus on Route 2 in the Colonial Shopping Center at 228 Main Street.

Where is the nearest mall?

The closest mall to Williams College is the Berkshire Mall, located approximately 25 minutes south of us on Route 7 in Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

Where can I go to the movies?

There is an independent cinema on Spring Street in Williamstown. Also, there are “multi-plex” movie theatres in North Adams and at the Berkshire Mall.